Hello Members and Friends:

It has been a long time since writing this letter for Pine Log Echoes, Volume 2.  We are happy to announce Volume 3 is now at the bindery, hopefully to be delivered to us mid-July!  

Volume 3 contains some family stories and genealogy as well as a lot of research on military, firemen, policemen, old communities, churches, schools, railroads, and early businesses up to mid1950s. This 611 pages volume will cost $80.00 and the cost for mailing will be $9.00 per book.  We realize that is quite an increase in cost, but it seems Covid-19 has affected book binding also.  Another problem is the original cover material is no longer available.  What little the binder had will be used for about 100 books, then the rest will be in a close-to-original color.

We are preselling in order to make the final payment with the binder. An order form is attached. When we know the date of delivery to us, we will announce to you a time and place to pick it up unless you want it mailed to you.

Volume 1 is now out of print, available only on a CD for $35.00.  There are about 85 copies of Volume 2 left, for $65.00 with a $9.00 mailing fee.

If you want a copy of Volume 1 or Volume 2 or Volume 3, please check below.  All money should be by check made payable to ECHPS and note which book you want and how many copies. No sales tax is charged.

If you need additional information, please email us at echps1@pineland.net or call (478) 763-3631.

We thank you for your patience and support in this. 

Missy Elder, Secretary