Projects and Programs

Ongoing projects for 2021 are:

  • Chinking log buildings
  • Furnishing the post office, grist mill, and commissary
  • Landscaping the grounds
  • Continuing the regular upkeep of furnishings and structures
  • Providing guided tours to students and other groups upon request
  • Hosting civic groups and professional organizations at the Farm and Home Museum
  • Speaking to civic groups upon request
  • Moving Emanuel County log books to the Probate Court
  • Drafting Volume III of Pine Log Echoes
  • Expanding online presence (Website, Social Media)
    • Taking photos of events to post online
    • Annotating photos already on website
  • Participating in annual activities
    • Hosting Open House on Super Museum Sunday in February
    • Giving demonstrations at Farm Day at Swainsboro Primary School
    • Providing lunch for the Trail Ride in October
    • Holding the fall spaghetti supper fundraiser at the Varner 4-H Center
  • Seeking additional speakers/programs for quarterly meetings

The Society Is Funded Through Membership Dues And…

  • Contributions & Donations
  • Foundation Grants
  • County of Emanuel
  • City of Swainsboro
  • Fundraising Projects